Poem For A Geek Friend

I wrote the poem below for a geek friend a long, long time ago in the comments section of another friend’s blog.

He was celebrating the single geek life through poetry, so I thought I’d respond with a poem.

I see you have your way with words,
That will sure pay handsome rewards.
And earn you the prize you seek to possess:
A wife, a girlfriend, or a mistress. ;)

But it seems you’re not after a date
All you wish for is: a software update
Or when you’re down and feeling bored
Reach out to fiddle with the motherboard!

That’s the only life set out for you
With your trusty keyboard and your CPU
You shouldn’t feel lonely or even lament
At least you can leave a blog comment!

Originally posted here.

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    1. More importantly, we should find him a mate. 😉

      I miss the little community gatherings we had at your blog. 🙂

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