Kuwait & Corruption

Wainra7at (Kuwaiti for: where did it – i.e. the money – go?) is a Twitter account that lists (in Arabic) the tenders granted by the Kuwaiti government, giving the amount paid, for what service, and to which company. Some of the numbers are extremely depressing, when you compare the amount paid to the service requested, […]

Dirty Politics

I’ve heard the following opinion expressed by secularists justifying the need for the separation of religion and politics: Religion has no place in politics. Politics is a dirty game fueled by personal interests, which will only taint the sanctity of religion. I’m not entirely sure whether it’s an intentional misrepresentation of both religion and politics, […]

Overcoming Information Overwhelm

During high school, one of my English teachers said that there was a point in history when you would have been able to read everything that was ever written, but that now it’s impossible to read everything in several lifetimes dedicated solely to learning. This is an important fact to keep in mind: You can’t […]